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One of the fastest growing motorsports in the world, Supercross is the most competitive and highest-profile two-wheeled off-road motorcycle racing championship built to capture and hold the modern fan’s attention. Where physical performance matches mental focus, we feature the world’s most elite athletes who put in Olympic-like training hours and family-wide sacrifice to do what they love. As the leader in innovative track design, Supercross attracts some of the largest and most impressive crowds to events set inside the most recognizable and prestigious stadiums in North America

  • Races attract an average of 50,000 plus fans at each round, which is second only to the NFL on a per event basis.

  • Approaching 1 million in live attendance at events.

  • Industry-leading digital footprint with an average weekly reach of 10M via social platforms.

  • Broadcasted live domestically with international partners re-broadcasting each race to more than 200 countries.


SGB, Stephen Grover Butschky, a former Baltimore Police Officer, my personal coach and mechanic during my racing years and the namesake behind this company and race team.

My name is Jason Butschky and I am the owner and operator of SGB Racing as well as a second generation police officer. My motocross career came to an end when I was 18 years old and immediately joined the Baltimore Police Department, where I worked Midnight Patrol for 11 years. My father suddenly passed away in 2014 leaving me feeling very lost as we did everything together, from Police work to Motocross. In an attempt to give back in his legacy, SGB Racing was made a reality in 2015.


My passion for the sport and the story behind the mission fueled the growth of this business. I have dedicated everything to give back to the motorcycle community. Supporting female athletes who have struggled to achieve greatness because they have been overlooked and overshadowed. I worked closely with Veteran MX to provide motorcycles and mechanic programs for returning military veterans who are trying to survive in a civilian world as well as working with numerous Police Officers from agencies across the nation to help find a hobby that relieves the intense stress their employment creates.

I started team SGB Racing to help hard working professional athletes further their career. Our mission is to help these dedicated athletes perform to the best of their abilities and give them a chance against the high budgeted factory teams.


After a very successful racing career on the amateur and professional side of Supercross and Motocross, Davi Millsaps will join the team as an ambassador. With his passion and knowledge of the sport he will help the team go to the next level. Davi will assist the team with bike testing, training, and mental strength. This partnership will put us a step ahead of the other privateer teams.

Millsaps Headshot.png



Davi Millsaps is a former American professional motorcycle racer who raced in the AMA Supercross and Outdoor Motocross championships. A multi-time Supercross and Motocross champion, he retired before the 2018 Supercross season. He is tied for 19th place in all-time 450 Supercross race wins and 9th place all-time for 250 Suprecross race wins with 13 combined wins. Davi was also a nine-time national Amateur champion.


2006 Won the AMA East Coast SX Lites Championship
2012 2nd place 450 SX Championship
2013 2nd Place 450 SX Championship
2014 Won the Monster Energy Cup


Professional Racing

In 2019, SGB Racing began providing trackside support at some Pro Motocross Nationals and assisted Jordan Jarvis as she attempted to qualify for a professional race. During that time we also supported riders using our suspension with great results. In 2020, we began supporting all of our riders using our suspension along with those on our professional race team. We also helped out many riders using Kawasaki’s as our team used Kawasaki’s in 2020. In 2021, SGB Racing will again attend all professional Motocross and Supercross races. We will be providing trackside support for all racers using the same manufacturer as well as our suspension services. We, as a team, will also advertise this so that riders know they will have support from the manufacturer at all races. This will entice more sales because they know support is available to them and they don’t have to intrude on the Factory Team.

2021 Supercross

  • 3 rider 450 Supercross Team (Alex Ray, TBD, Jeremy Smith)

  • 2 rider 250 sx (Justin Rodbell and Jordan Jarvis)

  • We will attend all 17 rounds of SX

2021 Motocross

  • 4 rider 450 Motocross Team (Alex Ray, TBD, Jeremy Smith, and Justin Rodbell)

  • 1 rider 250 Motocross (Jordan Jarvis) with an option to add another if manufacturer needs a spot for someone.

glendale aray.jpg
aj san diego.jpg

Amateur Racing Program

We will continue to support the grass roots of our sport. SGB Racing prides itself on our customer service and support on all levels of racing. In 2020, SGB Racing attended all the Supercross Futures rounds (prior to Covid-19) providing trackside support. We planned to attend all of the Supercross Futures races before they were canceled due to the pandemic. SGB Racing also attended and provided trackside support at Loretta Lynn's Amateur National.

For 2021, we will continue to increase our amateur support and extend our resources to Amateur Nationals, Supercross Futures, and local races.


Amateur Nationals

SGB Racing successfully claimed 2 Amateur National Championships with Jordan Jarvis in 2020 (Loretta Lynn’s and Daytona RCU). We will continue our support of the Amateur Nationals that will benefit the supporting manufacturer. We will again have Jordan Jarvis race amateur nationals. We will also be providing track side support for the manufacturer at Lorretta Lynn's, Daytona RCU, Mini Olympics (Gatorback), Freestone JS7, Ponca, and many others. We will provide trackside support to all riders attending these races using our supporting manufacturer. This adds a value to customers who purchase bikes that extends past contingency. Qualified technicians available at all the major races that doesn’t require the cost or management by the manufacturer. We would also be sending the trackside support vehicle to the MakeUp2Mud camp to be the only manufacturer supported company to support the women's motocross movement.


2021 Supercross Futures

After successfully creating history in 2020 by Jordan Jarvis being the only female to ever achieve a professional Supercross license through the SX Futures, I have decided to start a 3 rider female SX Futures team. This team would have all 3 riders race all rounds of SX futures in the women's class. This would provide a “Factory” styled team for 3 females. This is extremely unique and would be beneficial to the manufacturer as no one else is providing support. Woman in MX/SX is growing at an exponential rate with numerous organizations showing support for woman nation wide such as Girls Ride Toosday’s Organization, Female test riders for media outlets, MakeUp2Mud, and many more. This would also provide a reason for woman riders to sign up for more races as there is something to work for. There is currently no series dedicated to professional woman in America and the only real accomplishment to strive for is Lorettas Championship. With creating a “factory” styled team it would give the up and coming woman a goal to keep racing and purchasing bikes each year. We would also be providing support for all riders at SX futures for the supporting manufacturer. This saves the manufacturer numerous amounts of money from sending a truck and personnel out to every round. We will have mechanics and personnel dedicated to supporting racers of all ages. This provides a value above the competition as no other team is committed to the support side like SGB Racing.

SGB Racing also carried over the Supercross Live themed races to the Supercross Futures Events. Including the St. Judes Auction where Jordan Jarvis and the other riders auctiones off all the gear and plastics from the races.

ARay Headshot.png



Alex started competing at Loretta Lynn’s AMA Amateur National Motocross Championships in the 51cc (7-8) class in 2001. In 2017 he started training with veteran Supercross star Davi Millsaps to change his diet and increase cycling time to become leaner and lighter on the bike.
Today, he trains intensely on his new motorcycle after suffering a broken back in 2018.




AJ has had a handful of top 5 finishes in Supercross along with finishing inside the top 10 in points. He has been able to travel the world racing, most notably in Germany and Australia.
Because of AJ’s passion and dedication to racing, he has had extensive experience working with the best trainers in the world; Colleen Millsaps, Josh Woods, Gary Semics, Gary Bailey and Ezra Lusk to name a few. From 2009 to 2015, AJ lived at three of the top facilities in the country; Club MX, MTF and GPF, absorbing information from the best trainers on the best tracks.
AJ has not only been able to elevate himself to being a Pro Supercross and Motocross racer but has the uncanny ability to translate his skills into teaching. AJ Catanzaro Moto-X Academy is the next step in his plan to bring motocross schooling to everyone. He currently has 11 years of training riders & racers of all ages.




Jordan “JJ” started racing at 5 years old. Her career started to take off in 2008 with 2 district titles, several track championships, a Triple Crown win and Montgomeryville Cycle Center “Rider of the Year”.
In 2010, 2011 and 2013 she was the first girl to qualify in the boy’s 50 7-8 class, 65cc 7-9 class and 85cc 9-11 class at Loretta’s, as well as the first girl to ever make the Cobra Motorcycle National Team.
2014 was a breakout year for Jordan. Not only did she win every major event she was entered into for the girl’s classes, she set the bar by winning 2 AMA national titles (Arenacross and Loretta Lynn’s in the girls 9-13 class) and racing in the Supermini class at Loretta’s.
In 2015 Jordan showed her speed on a big bike finishing 2nd at Daytona, as well as dominating Loretta’s in the women’s 14+ class at regionals and the national. JJ is the most successful AMA 18 year old female in history to date winning almost every girl’s and women’s event entered since 2016. She made her jump to the 250 and A class in 2018 on which she rode several AX races in route to her SX endorsement as well as her pro AM Points.
This year Jordan has won every women’s race of the supercross futures. Along with that, won the 2019 Freestone woman champion, debuted pro motocross at Highpoint Pro National and was selected to be the instructor at the inaugural camp Makeup2Mud.
JJ has also acquired her pro license and is racing Pro Nationals, qualifying top 50 each weekend. She has been interviewed by RacerX, Vital MX, and has been featured in several articles.



At these events, our fans are treated to unprecedented access to the athletes, team members and sponsors while getting a behind-the-scenes look at how they operate on  race day.
There is no shortage of entertainment at our 20x80’ pit setup where you will gain maximum exposure from the 20,000-plus attendees who show up in advance of race day to experience FanFest.
An exclusive fan experience is provided by our partner, The Collective Experience, where they have the same amount of access as one of our crew members.
Along with weekly merch giveaways, games and activities the team likes to put out a fun vibe on race day for all of the fans to enjoy. Our team is dedicated to keeping a lighthearted and fun environment while still maintaining a serious and professional racing program.


For the first 10 Supercross races pf 2020 (January to March), we had over 4 million Youtube watch time, over 1 million YouTube Views and over 7 million Youtube Impressions. The Instagram reach was over 40,000. Instagram impressions over 250,000 and we have over a 100,000 followers on all of the combined accounts.
We have also been featured in the “Learn to Ride” segments on press day at all 10 Supercross rounds. The learn to ride is a segment where Alex Ray and Aj Catanzaro teach the local news anchor to ride a ttr110 on live television. It airs 4 times on Friday before each Supercross race on the local city news channel, creating a larger reach to outside the industry individuals. We will also be doing a full video series with Swap Moto Live to give a glimpse behind the scenes at National rounds.
Featured in:
RacerX Magazine
Motocross Action Magazine
Swap Moto Live
Full page Magazine Ads:
Sidi Boots
ONeal Gear
Maxxis Tires
Jordan Jarvis SGB Racing Toy Replica
To be sold in Walmart & Target, Nationwide
Jordan Jarvis SGB Racing Lego Replica
For team only

With the professional and amateur race schedule taking the team all across the nation, we can provide a unique dealership interaction. We can do autograph sessions at the manufacturer dealerships prior to races in the area. Thus increasing the brand and dealer interaction and providing dealerships with VIP passes and behind the scenes with the team on race days. The dealerships can even advertise working with the team on SX futures or other amateur pro events in their region. This would entice more sales of the manufactures product and help promote those powerhouse dealers. We can also offer discounts on suspension services to dealerships if the customers purchase the supporting manufacturer.

What the manufacturer receives:

  • Trackside Support at all 17 Rounds of the 2021 Supercross season 

  • Multiple rider Supercross Team competing in all 17 rounds

  • Trackside Support at all 12 Rounds of the 2021 Motocross Season

  • Multiple rider Motocross team competing in all 12 rounds of Motocross

  • 3 rider Woman SX futures team

  • Trackside support at all rounds of the Supercross futures and Championship round at Monster Energy Cup

  • Trackside support at Loretta Lynns for all manufacturer riders

  • Mental and riding coaching from Team Ambassador Davi Millsaps and 9 time champion at Loretta Lynn’s

  • 3 rider team for Womans class at Loretta Lynns including defending Champion Jordan Jarvis

  • Trackside support at Winter Olympics

  • Trackside Support at Make Up to Mud Camp

  • Trackside Support at Daytona RCU

  • Trackside support at Freestone JS7 Championship

  • Advertisement as being the only manufacturer supporting the female riding movement nation wide

What SGB Racing receives:    

  • 10 450cc motorcycles    

  • 6 250cc motorcycles    

  • Parts budget for the race team    

  • Able to purchase parts at cost    

  • Able to purchase additional bikes at cost

We understand importance and value of creating great relationships with our business sponsors. All sponsorship programs can be customized to meet your specific marketing budget and advertising needs.

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